Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hi, Im Fai, I'm 24, I graduated with my Bachelor of Commerce dergree [finance and international business] in 2010 and I'm currently in my final semester of my masters course [accounting and marketing].
As the debate on the importance/relevance of higher tertiary education rages on, my position on the topic stays firm and unyielding: EDUCATION IS CRUCIAL. Yes, some of the most succesful people in the world don't have degrees, Yes you don't have to have a degree to do what you're good at and YES, having a degree does not guarantee a good job.

HOWEVER, I feel like a lot of people only view going to uni in terms of "a vehicle that gets them a a good job after they graduate". Well,what about the contacts that you make during your uni years, networking with professors, classmates, meeting new people, analytical and critical thinking skills etc?? It exposes you to a whole new world of ideas that could possibly help you in the future. But despite all these intangible benefits, having a degree DOES open a lot of doors and you DO have a lot more employemnt options. The fact that Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah etc are succesful but  didn't go to to uni does not guarantee that you'll be the same. Please understand this : these people that are used in this argument are the exception, NOT THE RULE. For every person who makes it without a uni degree understand that there are THOUSANDS who don't.

"If you dont build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs" I did not spend 4 and a half years of my life obtaining two degrees so I can help someone build their dream, my dreams and goals go beyond acquiring a good job with a good reputable company.  I'm an aspiring entrepreneur and I strongly believe that these degree will open the door for entrepreneurship. Despite the arguments against higher tertiary education I still think that its a good investement.  So,if you have been blessed with an opportunity to go to uni please take full advantage of it and take it seriously. It really breaks my heart to see parents working so hard to take their kids to good universities and have their hard earned money go to waste because their children simply cannot be bothered to make an effort and cannot take their studies seriously. You want to become a rapper?-thats perfectly fine, wanna be a model? a fashion designer? a pro-basketball player? thats all good! But all I'm saying is, you need something to fall back on

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