Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rihanna & Chris Brown Kiss At The MTV Video Music Awards

Chris and Riri kissed at the MTV VMA’s. Well..more like a peck…but it was enough to send Chrianna fans into convulsions.
Just a few moments after A$AP Rocky grabbed Rihanna’s behind while performing ‘C0ckiness’ to open up the MTV VMAs, the VIP live stream cameras  caught Rihanna smooching her ex Chris Brown.
During a commercial break, Rihanna walked over to Chris’s seat and the two shared a friendly greeting, a quick hug and kiss. This comes a few weeks after Rihanna told Oprah that she was still very good friends with Chris, they still loved each other and she believes that he is the love of her life.  There is really only one thing that’s probably stopping the two from hooking back up, and that’s his girlfriend Karrueche.  (well maybe two —- public backlash).

Catch another set of flicks plus a really funny pic of Chris Brown and Drake below:

Drake looked as though he had his hater blockers on while Chris had a, ‘If we weren’t at this show, I’d bust your azz and dance all over you on spot’ look on his face. Pure hilarity

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